Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom from Son and Daughter

To wish Happy Birthday to your mom is the easiest thing in the world! So why not make her happy & bring smile on her face by wishing her on her birthday! By wishing on her birthday, you can make her feel proud & special! So why not pick up any wish from here and send it to your mother with just a click of one button!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom from Son and Daughter

Mom Birthday Wishes in English
Mom Birthday Wishes
  • Mother! You have a heart of gold! You are one in billion! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
  • You are simply the best, mother!  Have the most pleasant day! Wish you a very Happy Birthday Mom!
  • You are the strongest woman known to me! No one can match you in your kindness & love towards me & society! Wish you a memorable Birthday Mom!
  • Mom you are so good, your heart so pure, when you touch me, it makes allure, Happy birthday to you mother! May God provide you a healthy and long life! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to my best friend, best teacher, best guide! Mom, you showed me the right path in every matter! Wishing you a very special birthday Mom!
  • You have been always beside me, whether I was happy or sad! You have always supported me when I needed the most! You are the perfect mother! Happy Birthday Mom!

Wishes for Mom on her Birthday for Facebook Status

  • May God bless you with good health and fortune! Happy Birthday Mom!
  • You forgave me whenever I made any fault; your love for me never came to a halt! You are a wonderful Mom! Happy Birthday Mom!
  • Mom, I don’t have words to show how much I love you! You are simply the best Mom! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
  • On your birthday I want to remind you that you are the most precious woman in my life! May God make your birthday special! Happy Birthday Mom!
  • I looked at you whenever I was in problem or confusion. You showed me right way like a guide & a true friend. I love you Mom! Happy Birthday!
  • I am fortunate to have a mother like you! Wishing you a Happy Birthday Mom! May God give you millions of reasons to smile!. Send these birthday wishes for mom for Facebook status to your friends as direct message.
  • I can’t express my gratitude in words for what you have done for me! I love you more than anything in my life! Wish you a Happy & Special Birthday Mom!
  • It is impossible for me to express in words what you mean to me! You have been the best mother to me! May God make your this birthday special and memorable! Happy Birthday!
  • You are like a rare diamond mother! Most precious for me! Wish you all the happiness in the world! Happy Birthday Mom!
  • Just tell me how to make your birthday special and I will do it! Wishing you a very Happy and Special Birthday Mom!
  • From my childhood onwards, I have observed you making my each moment special & unique! You are the best Mom in the world! Happy Birthday Mom!

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Birthday Wishes for Mom in Hindi

birthday wishes for mom in hindi
birthday wishes for mom in hindi

दुनिया में सबसे अच्छी माँ को  जन्मदिन मुबारक हो.


माँ, तुम बिल्कुल अपूरणीय हैं! आशा है कि तुम्हारा यह जन्मदिन भी अच्छा हो


मैं बहुत भाग्यशाली हूँ कि आप मेरी माँ हैं !


जन्मदिन मुबारक हो, माँ! हमेशा मेरा साथ देने के लिए धन्यवाद.


माँ,  25 जन्मदिन मुबारक हो! आप 16 से एक भी दिन अधिक की नहीं लगती हो!


माँ, मुझे आशा है कि अपका जन्मदिन आपकी ही तरह अद्भुत हो


मैं हर दिन महेनत  से काम करता हूँ  ताकि में आपकी तरह महान बन सकू !.

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